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Okay, I’ll admit it: I’ve always had a soft spot for Australians and Canadians. I am truly honored and excited to share with you the first official guest blogger on my site. Hard to believe that yesterday marked the 1-year anniversary of my debut in the blogging community (blogosphere) — which stands over 156 million strong as of 2011, according to WikipediaZian Silverwolf is a kindred spirit/soul online, and I look forward to meeting her out in Australia in the future. She, too is a child of the world — and is imbued with a passion for the arts, music and pure creative flow. As Yoko Ono so infamously said: Artists are going to be the metrenome of this society. ***editor’s note: Some of these pieces were crafted specifically for this work. That in mind, all images and proprietary rights fully reserved by ZianSilverwolf.com

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The artistic journey differs somewhat from the creative journey – where creativity includes invention on so many levels (e.g. craft, carpentry, hairdressing, cooking).

Art has an element of the mythic that is neither translated nor experienced in the same fashion. As an artist, a connection with an internal cosmology that separates you from the practicalities of mundane life is forged, and draws the self into an altered state of consciousness.

There is no sensation of watching yourself recreate one form into another, or manipulating objects into a new state – only the revelation of creating entirely from within.

I have had many other kinds of creative experiences, and Art is wholly different in its reality and in its manifestation. While the material transformation of paper, canvas, pen and paint is obviously a part of the process, it’s ephemeral in sensation, unlike working in something that requires cutting and pasting, or positioning of physical subjects, like a table leg, or a leather strap with a buckle.

As a musician, a dancer, a martial artist — the creativity and emotional discipline I experienced through those avenues is not comparable to facing a blank page and bringing a character or a world to life. The movement and physical flow of the body and all its muscles is inherently an art without doubt —

Yet all is self-contained without an audience.

Interacting with pure creation is another relationship entirely, connecting the mind’s eye to the hand, back to the eye, and returning to the mind, again and again.

Heart is not the same thing as habit.

With each composition, the worlds I am building throughout my life take on another aspect, a greater complexity, until no single work is significant to me except as a part of the whole.

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The total and ever-expanding body of work is more than a collection. It is an ever-expanding universe, built of feeling, thought, experience and observation.

When I was performing, each dance was a whole unto itself, each song was a stand-alone achievement and expression. In art, I become, transform and continue as each work comes into being.

While expression is first and foremost the drive in any creative pursuit, I have found real passion in the consistent development of what I can only describe as a never-ending chronicle.

eye of horus eye of providence occult esoteric fantasy art zian silverwolf

Eye of Horus, Providence as seen by Zian Silverwolf

No matter any work or personal activity I have done in my life, behind it was always a pencil, a pen and a brush.  It has long been my meaning of life to “transform and continue”  (although 42 will forever be the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything) —

And art has given me that path, not only in the creation of artwork, but in the observation, emotional experience and interpretation of Life itself.

Within it there is a drive and even a need to be disciplined, skilled and ever-evolving, always challenging what is and what came before with a new vision.

A slight change in observation and perspective. A shift here, an angle there….

These are changes that develop and show only over time, a gradual but continual progression into the next reality.

Fantasy art still finds itself on the commercial fringes of the art world, often deemed “the pop beyond pop culture,” but people forget the visions of the classical world were in the ethereal cosmos of the gods

Venus, Aphrodite, Mars, Ares, Apollo, Athena, water gods, sprites, Bacchus and his nymphs; after the advent of Christendom, even visions of heavenly and hellish dimensions were depicted, explored and expressed all from the imagination and captivation of the artists. 

fantasy dragon zian silverwolf

Master of the Hoard by Zian Silverwolf

The modern world has a greater allowance for such imagery, which transcends  the boundaries of we mere earthlings, embracing images and metaphors of science, aliens, quantum realities and interdimensional beings.
Granted, it may be about “technology” on the surface, but “Truth” remains the human exploration of ourselves, in worlds that we create to discover who we are.
Surrealism invites us to explore dreamscapes that, while unfamiliar, provoke something relative and relevant. Existentialism steps outside the bounds of physics, while seeking to describe the transcendent and the ancient in us all, simultaneously.
While the mythological and mythic realities of the past remain in strength (unicorns, fairies, goblins, Atlantis, phoenixes and hypogriffs), fantasy prevails as the arena for the exploration of our consciousness, our dreams, our souls…. and our futures. 

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