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PRNewsWire Announces 2012 EARNIES award Nominees


Okay, it’s hardly worthy of the SuperBowl or GRAMMYS hype. 

But in the humble, quiet and kick-ass world of social media online communities, PRNewswire recently announced finalists in multiple categories for its inaugural EARNIES awards via Agility@work on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

It’s an honor to share with you I was selected as one of 3 Finalists for the We Can’t Believe that Worked! category. The other two entries are also showcased in the voting polls, and you can Choose Me over them by clicking on the link below:

Byron Fernandez, PR/marketing campaign during job search

Voting will be open to the public until Valentines Day this year, so spread the Love — and Thanks Again for your continued loyalty, encouragement and support through the years. As I’ve said before, I’ve been truly blessed to have incredible support from the Best in the Business: friends, family, colleagues — and fans.

Let’s show St. Jude Hospital, Michigan m3 and them big brands who “the Man” REALLY is on and offline, and what we can do with the power of our collective individual networks and communities!

PR public relations Earned media PRNewswire Fame Agilityatwork

"There is nothing like Earned Media" - Tyler Orchard

Results for the EARNIES will be published Thursday, February 16th. For live updates and activity, you can also follow @AgilityAtWork on Twitter to join the conversation – and put agile engagement to work for you, too.

Special thanks to the following individuals for moderating this community:

Sarah Skerik, VP of social media at PRNewswire

Amanda Hicken, Senior editor at PRNewswire

David Armano, Executive VP at EdelmanDigital


PR Newswire: Vote for Your Favorite EARNIES Finalists

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Bananas, Tie Bars and other Twitter Malarkey

As the August round of Cleveland.com and the Plain Dealer’s Twitter 20 comes to a close, I couldn’t help but share some of the shenanigans enjoyed by all who’ve participated this month.

As this week’s topic was fashion (which is ubiquitous anyway), randomly related conversations cropped up in my Twitter stream; Gini Dietrich and SXSWCares, SXSWJapan superstar Leigh Duncan-Durst in particular:

@ginidietrich I LOVE monkeys!

My response:

Darwin Bananas Chucks

During a brief stint as a shoes salesman, I remember a guy coming in and special ordering these. Wasn’t sure what was more amusing: His dopey grin, nerdy insistence or his formidably attractive girlfriend‘s mortified look and futile attempts to interject her disapproval.

Perhaps Gwen was onto something (in arguably one of the most perniciously contagious, incoherent videos of the last decade)

But seriously. Don’t watch it.

Absolutely terrible.

Anywho…back to the Twitter 20.


@Tweetmeslow >> Don’t wear your meatdress at the zoo #CLE20

Meat dress

@CharitUrbanista >> A must 4 ladies “little black dress” that makes u feel gorgeous & sexy! What is it for men? @byron_fernandez @raymondromero @LTreu #CLE20

My reply: Every man should know how to rock a tie bar. 

Milo Ventimiglia demonstrates:

GQ Milo Ventimiglia Gilmore Girls Jesse guy in suit tie Ray Ban folding wayfarer

As fall fast approaches, what are some fashion/style tips you’re enjoying or observing? What other nonsense muddles back porch conversation over Oktoberfest or a few pumpkin ales (ahegghm — Southern Tier PumKing), back-to-school maladies or plans for this year’s Halloween costume?

Thoughts, criticism and general tomfoolery welcome as always


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