Julian Morris and Zooey Deschanel: TV’s Best New Couple


For those of us who’ve been following New Girl since the beginning, Season 4’s gotten even more irresistible with the addition of Crouch End’s Julian Morris, who in simplest terms is equally debonair, witty and downright stinkin’ adorkable as Deschanel herself.

Tune in Tuesday’s 9/8c on FOX for continued shenanigans at “the loft”.

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Part of being 26 and married to your career is sacrifice. 

It’s been a whirlwind month, and I’m gonna miss being with family and friends in Pittsburgh this year. I also miss those out in SoCal and Vegas, especially in terms of weather. Who wouldn’t, right…


My sister in DC; brothers in NYC and the Netherlands.

We everywhere. 

The best part of having a nuclear family? You’ll always have somewhere new and familiar to go (and who knows where you’ll ultimately end up?!…). Makes reunions that much more sweet.

Hokey/cliché but true: Home is where your heart is. 

Cleveland’s been good to me though, and I’m grateful for the community here. I’ve been blessed with some of the finest friends, family, colleagues — and clientele in the world.

What more could a guy ask for? Besides, Xmas and the New Year are right around the corner ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 


Thomas Wolfe – You Can’t Go Home Again