Browns/Titans Game with Cleveland Social Media


Good times today with Mary, Kasey and folks from PR 20/20, WEWS 5. Plus we got to see some guy get kicked out of the stadium over confiscated car keys/nasty-not-niceness to his ladyfriend. Tut tut.

Thumbs up to responsible girlfriends, and thanks again to Alana Munro, for the free tickets! :) Browns social media WEWS5 PR 20/20 tweetup

Dawgs in attendance:

Me @byron_fernandez

Dia Dalsky @diadalsky

Garrett Downing @gdowning14

Jessica Donlon @jessicadonlon

Kasey Crabtree @kaseycrabtree

Mary Toale @drmaryctoale

Tracy DiMarino @tracydimarino

Cleveland Browns game tweetup tickets social media Dawgpound Baldwin-Wallace

Ow now Brown cow