Turns 15, TweetUp Celebrates Shandy, Indians and Harry Potter



Google+ wasn’t “invited” last night.

Instead, the back patio of Lincoln Park Pub in Tremont was abuzz with topics of Denny’s, er — Hafner’s walk off grand slam, favorite local spots and the premiere (or early/advanced screenings for the geeks of the group) of JK Rowling’s purported final installment of the iconoclastic Harry Potter series.

Notice my intentional curtail of the word epic, which author of I am Better than Your Kids Maddox refers to as one of the most abused filler words in the English language (Not Everything is Epic, Sh*theads).

Okay, Google+ was briefly discussed — but some of us clearly just haven’t had the time to jump into yet another platform and begin the peculiar task of clumping our personal and professional lives into circles (Larry Page, take note: perhaps it would be more fun to have an X option, for those that fit that category?…).

Cleveland Tremont Lincoln Park Pub Byron Fernandez Ray ban Wayfarer Rare Print Special Series #2 NYC Metro subway

Photo courtesy of Alana Munro,

Upon perching near the fire pit with a few Leinenkugel’s summer shandys, appetizers and tweets, friends from Junta42 Pam, Joe and I discussed vacation spots and the value/need for “unplugging” from work and tech.

Pam dished about her love for Cancun (having friends/family throughout Mexico helps, but that’s one spot I have yet to visit), while Joe and I waxed poetic over the outdoors, Canada and just getting lost in nature.

No cell phones. No computers. For a week or more. Ah, the Bill Bryson set.

Good stuff.

Tremont Lincoln Park Pub Cleveland tweetup

Photo Courtesy of Alana Munro,

Reminiscing about unplugging brought to mind Paul Roetzer’s challenge to us a few months ago: The UnPlugged Experiment (and recent Matrix convos I’ve had with tweeps in Jordan) all over again.

Needless to say, it was good to reflect (and jibe) with Pam and Joe about the importance of finding balance in our personal and professional lives.

Locals in attendance other than, WEWS5 and Tribetalk included folks from Junta42, PR 20/20, CLE Social Media Club and the Ohio Blogging Association:

Alana Munro @dawgpndgirl

Byron Fernandez @byron_fernandez (You are here…)

Frank Zupan @FrankZupan

Jen Gardner @whyCLE

Jessica Donlon @jessicadonlon

Joe Kalinowski @ringo66

Keith Moehring @keithmoehring

Laurel Miltner @laurelmackenzie

Pam Kozelka @pamkozelka

Paul Roetzer @paulroetzer

Tammy Colson @TLColson

Lincoln Park Pub Tremont Cleveland Indians tweetup

Photo courtesy of Alana Munro,


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Sicky? Time for a Harry Potter Marathon

CLEVELAND – Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m such a hipogriff. Er, Harry Potter geek. In the same way I get down and nerdy about glasses, sunglasses, new tech platforms, sheet music, books or shoes (dang, I really am a dork) — few things lift my spirits like Dobby, Sirius Black, Luna Lovegood or Mad-Eye Moody (not to mention stellar casting, music, special effects and creative mastermind Chris Columbus).

In my last post I mentioned a run-in with freshly hot bacon grease and a frying pan (never again will I be half-awake, on the phone and trying to make breakfast). Fortunately, I was wearing long sleeves, but the resulting splotches of second-degree burns ended up blistering and lowering my immune system, compounding recent travels, work and general spring shenanigans. Perhaps I should also thank Cleveland torrential rain over the past month for its generous contributions…

And so, with the aid of a revised sleeping schedule, NyQuil nighttime (of course, CVS carded me. Friends and family continue to laugh it up: 25 going on 16; old soul, babyface…yada yada) and a much-needed reunion with cooking my own meals, I enjoyed some R&R with what has been lauded as the Wizard of Oz of this generation: Harry, Hogwarts and friends.

house elf Harry Potter Deathly Hallows
Dobby Only Meant to Maim or…Seriously Injure!

One of my favorite Facebook groups in college (other than B**ch, please…I’m from California! lol) was similarly irreverent: F**k this, I’m transferring to Hogwarts. So in the spirit of said irreverance, I set up fort on the couch and held my own book and movie marathon, freshening up on all the quirks, detours and seemingly minute details of the seven-part fantasy series. There’s no other way to describe Rowling’s genius but sublime.

Since childhood I’ve been obsessed with science fiction, fantasy and series like Encyclopedia Brown, Goosebumps, Ramona Quimby, SuperFudge, Warton and Morton, Stephen King and Dean Koontz, to name a few. Other favorites were the Phantom Tollbooth, EB White’s the Trumpet of the Swan, Sterling North’s Rascal and Dr.Seuss. Naturally, I’ve always loved Disney too, and am pretty sure I’ll still be watching and reading with my kids, grandkids one day. Some things are timeless. Reading is no exception, and is something inextricably bound to proper grammar, style and precision of language.

But back to Harry Potter. Here are a few delightful resources, as well as the new trailer for the final installment of the movie series due this summer, July 15th.

Harry Potter PR and Marketing books

J.K. Rowling official site

The Leaky Cauldron


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