Browns/Titans Game with Cleveland Social Media


Good times today with Mary, Kasey and folks from PR 20/20, WEWS 5. Plus we got to see some guy get kicked out of the stadium over confiscated car keys/nasty-not-niceness to his ladyfriend. Tut tut.

Thumbs up to responsible girlfriends, and thanks again to Alana Munro, for the free tickets! :) Browns social media WEWS5 PR 20/20 tweetup

Dawgs in attendance:

Me @byron_fernandez

Dia Dalsky @diadalsky

Garrett Downing @gdowning14

Jessica Donlon @jessicadonlon

Kasey Crabtree @kaseycrabtree

Mary Toale @drmaryctoale

Tracy DiMarino @tracydimarino

Cleveland Browns game tweetup tickets social media Dawgpound Baldwin-Wallace

Ow now Brown cow

Bananas, Tie Bars and other Twitter Malarkey

As the August round of and the Plain Dealer’s Twitter 20 comes to a close, I couldn’t help but share some of the shenanigans enjoyed by all who’ve participated this month.

As this week’s topic was fashion (which is ubiquitous anyway), randomly related conversations cropped up in my Twitter stream; Gini Dietrich and SXSWCares, SXSWJapan superstar Leigh Duncan-Durst in particular:

@ginidietrich I LOVE monkeys!

My response:

Darwin Bananas Chucks

During a brief stint as a shoes salesman, I remember a guy coming in and special ordering these. Wasn’t sure what was more amusing: His dopey grin, nerdy insistence or his formidably attractive girlfriend‘s mortified look and futile attempts to interject her disapproval.

Perhaps Gwen was onto something (in arguably one of the most perniciously contagious, incoherent videos of the last decade)

But seriously. Don’t watch it.

Absolutely terrible.

Anywho…back to the Twitter 20.


@Tweetmeslow >> Don’t wear your meatdress at the zoo #CLE20

Meat dress

@CharitUrbanista >> A must 4 ladies “little black dress” that makes u feel gorgeous & sexy! What is it for men? @byron_fernandez @raymondromero @LTreu #CLE20

My reply: Every man should know how to rock a tie bar. 

Milo Ventimiglia demonstrates:

GQ Milo Ventimiglia Gilmore Girls Jesse guy in suit tie Ray Ban folding wayfarer

As fall fast approaches, what are some fashion/style tips you’re enjoying or observing? What other nonsense muddles back porch conversation over Oktoberfest or a few pumpkin ales (ahegghm — Southern Tier PumKing), back-to-school maladies or plans for this year’s Halloween costume?

Thoughts, criticism and general tomfoolery welcome as always


Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science >> New Findings Confirm Darwin’s Theory: Evolution not Random Dealer >> Lady GaGa’s Meat Dress Draws Crowds to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Turns 15, TweetUp Celebrates Shandy, Indians and Harry Potter



Google+ wasn’t “invited” last night.

Instead, the back patio of Lincoln Park Pub in Tremont was abuzz with topics of Denny’s, er — Hafner’s walk off grand slam, favorite local spots and the premiere (or early/advanced screenings for the geeks of the group) of JK Rowling’s purported final installment of the iconoclastic Harry Potter series.

Notice my intentional curtail of the word epic, which author of I am Better than Your Kids Maddox refers to as one of the most abused filler words in the English language (Not Everything is Epic, Sh*theads).

Okay, Google+ was briefly discussed — but some of us clearly just haven’t had the time to jump into yet another platform and begin the peculiar task of clumping our personal and professional lives into circles (Larry Page, take note: perhaps it would be more fun to have an X option, for those that fit that category?…).

Cleveland Tremont Lincoln Park Pub Byron Fernandez Ray ban Wayfarer Rare Print Special Series #2 NYC Metro subway

Photo courtesy of Alana Munro,

Upon perching near the fire pit with a few Leinenkugel’s summer shandys, appetizers and tweets, friends from Junta42 Pam, Joe and I discussed vacation spots and the value/need for “unplugging” from work and tech.

Pam dished about her love for Cancun (having friends/family throughout Mexico helps, but that’s one spot I have yet to visit), while Joe and I waxed poetic over the outdoors, Canada and just getting lost in nature.

No cell phones. No computers. For a week or more. Ah, the Bill Bryson set.

Good stuff.

Tremont Lincoln Park Pub Cleveland tweetup

Photo Courtesy of Alana Munro,

Reminiscing about unplugging brought to mind Paul Roetzer’s challenge to us a few months ago: The UnPlugged Experiment (and recent Matrix convos I’ve had with tweeps in Jordan) all over again.

Needless to say, it was good to reflect (and jibe) with Pam and Joe about the importance of finding balance in our personal and professional lives.

Locals in attendance other than, WEWS5 and Tribetalk included folks from Junta42, PR 20/20, CLE Social Media Club and the Ohio Blogging Association:

Alana Munro @dawgpndgirl

Byron Fernandez @byron_fernandez (You are here…)

Frank Zupan @FrankZupan

Jen Gardner @whyCLE

Jessica Donlon @jessicadonlon

Joe Kalinowski @ringo66

Keith Moehring @keithmoehring

Laurel Miltner @laurelmackenzie

Pam Kozelka @pamkozelka

Paul Roetzer @paulroetzer

Tammy Colson @TLColson

Lincoln Park Pub Tremont Cleveland Indians tweetup

Photo courtesy of Alana Munro,


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