A former performing arts student; Byron has had the opportunity to fail quickly and forward: from corporate leadership, to free agency, to executive leadership in private business.

Byron has amassed a global audience and body of work, in print and online.
An inaugural 2012 PRNewswire “EARNIE” award winner for innovation in earned/new media campaigns; Byron has published work in the Huffington Post, SpinSucks and TopRank Marketing.

In addition to helping mentor and PR adviser, Dr. Sean Gilmore establish the public relations program at Baldwin-Wallace University from 2004-2008;
Byron was instrumental in building Structure Marketing, a certified HubSpot VAR partner marketing agency from 2010-2012.

Born in Orange County, CA and educated in upstate New York and Ohio; Byron is currently seeking a new venture with startups and firms in San Francisco, Mountain View, Silicon Valley or LA for roles in content management, PR or marketing.
Byron envisions a return to his roots in California and looks forward to continued travel, culture and music


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