Criss Promoted to Series Regular

Yes, it’s true we’ll be seeing a lot more of Darren Criss in the third season of Glee.

And no, Chord Overstreet (aka Sam) hasn’t been demoted or fired, just shifted from a regular to recurring role. Still, gleeks seemed pretty perturbed, as evidenced by vehement Twitter protests under the hashtag #DontCutTheChord.

All of the hullabaloo seems to have been in vain, though — Chord won’t be going anywhere unless he so chooses. Equally unlikely is the notion he’d riff over Criss’ promotion — the cast members enjoy a special kind of camaraderie.

After all, it’s glee we’re talking about, not the Sopranos or Mean Girls.

Speaking of, I kinda need to brush up on other favorites: Family Guy, Arrested Development, Always Sunny, Modern Family, Mad Men. And who could forget Entourage or Steve Buscemi’s the Boardwalk Empire?

Ah, summer. So much to do, so little time…

Swimmin Hole!

Ask Lincoln, Guster or Chevy: Happiness is a Choice, Not a Circumstance

Somewhere, somehow I got complacent in the last few weeks. Maybe because it’s July in four days and I’m still wondering where May went.

Maybe because the buzz over Klout scores and SM peeps trippin over influence on salamanders to stamp collecting is so last week.

Or perhaps once again because I haven’t read as much as I should , seen a new movie, made time for friends or a significant, invoked balance from work and traveling. Again, no one’s fault but mine.

Experience and education is incongruous, too — what you Don’t do often speaks louder than what you do.

So instead of regurgitating/copy-pasting industry information for those of you who still don’t understand what exactly it is that I do and love for a living (which is why we reserve such banter for telephone or family reunions) —

I’m just gonna do what I know best: write, perform, rock-out to The Princess and the Frog like no one’s business or play some Scriabin.

As Abe Lincoln so deftly put it: To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of men.

Time to break the ice about the president’s plan to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden’s recent death, developments which until now I’ve observed but remained impartial.

Frankly, I have and always will be disgusted by violence and cowardice. Courage, conviction and passion in everything you are, feel, think and do is not contingent upon the approval, acceptance or admiration of others, least of all the masses.

That being said, I was not among those throughout the country celebrating the death of another human being, whether he “deserved” it or not.

As with any extreme mindset or agenda, it’s profoundly easy to resort to vindictive, spiteful behavior that extols power and deceit over the value of human life. That value set and behavior’s the true “terror.”

In the absence of love or compassion, fear covers all manners of wrong. A mentor and friend from high-school would often remind me of a base but powerful saying: What is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular. 

The reality? A jerk is a Jerk, an asshole an Asshole — no matter what religion, sexual orientation, shape, size or color the person comes in (Read Olivier Blanchard’s A Better Business Doctrine Part I: Assholes are bad for business).

Everyone defines happiness differently. Integrity comes when you’re no longer gabbing on and on about it: when a blog post, eight children, a ’72 Nova Turbo LS1 or book pales in comparison to a life led by love — no matter how you envision it.

muscle car Chevrolet

For me it’s passion, creativity, ingenuity, insatiable curiosity. The will/vision, hunger and heart to go where others are not. Not just personally or professionally – in every facet and aspect of life. No fear.

Who are you? What do you see? And lastly…where will you go?

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Ohio Blogging Association Antlers Up with the Lake Erie Moose Society

CLEVELAND  – A guy named John Muir once said ““In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks…the mountains are calling and I must go.”

Laugh if you want, but growing up with summer cabins in Cape Cod and vacationing in the wilderness of the Algonquin, 1000 Islands and Grants Pass, Oregon;

I (unsurprisingly) had a bit more time to graze with the rogue moose (which, according to Wikipedia, has no plural form) of the group than my colleague, friend and fellow university alumni, Alicia Hansen (her recap here >> Poise in Parma: OBA Cleveland June Blogger Meet Up with Lake Erie Moose Society).

But, being the Genteel elk that I am, I bought her off with a glass of riesling to toast our recent collaboration over Mozart, Mothers and Mashable. Gentleman, take note: what better way to a woman’s heart than wine? Nothing, that’s who (other than pitchers of Labatts), says this young Bucc (pun intended a la SYTYCD, UrbanDictionary lingo).

Cleveland society University Circle blogging bloggers Byron Fernandez John Muir

Photo courtesy of Alicia Hansen and the Ohio Blogging Association

I digress, again. Started dreaming of kayaks and canoes, fishing, tetherball, base-jumping and King of the Raft (on a wooden platform out in the middle of the lake in Combermere, Ontario…I was the smallest and quickest kid out there: which meant King had nothing to do with brute size or strength lol. In fact, the biggest guys were the easiest).

ohio blogging association OBA Cleveland University Circle

Courtesy of Alicia Hansen and the Ohio Blogging Association

Tangent over.

A highlight for me was the opportunity to chat with two ladies from the recent workshop with Joe Pulizzi at Hyland Software, Heidi Cool and Susie Sharp. Naturally, I was fascinated with their deep knowledge of the technical aspects of blogging, content marketing and social media.

All the new phrases being thrown around throughout the night were also pretty jazzy: Dream Host and Blue Host, which Cool finds more valuable than Go Daddy (emphasizing the distinction between domain registering –Go Daddy — and domain hosting through Dream or Blue).

Seems that bloggers continue to define and explore more efficient and effective resources based on the goals they set out to accomplish as individuals and businesses, and the same can be said in content marketing, which we touched upon at the last meetup:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What do you want them to do? (Calls to action – this is not a passive undertaking)
  • What are your goals and objectives (not limited to sales/financial…what is your return-on-objective [ROO]?)
  • How do you define and measure success? 

Ironically both women recommended a joint called Shaker Launch House in town, which I’ll certainly have a Look At soon.

Which begs the question: what are you Looking At this summer?