Motivation as Its Own Pursuit

Curated some of my favorite passages from Alex Honnold training in Bishop:

1) “People just expect you to top whatever you’ve previously done…”

2) “You can’t get motivated to do totally rad stuff unless you really wanna do it for itself.
You have to be totally committed; you can’t have something in the back of your mind that’s like ‘I don’t really wanna be here’
You have to want to be there.”

3) “You can’t even be thinking of your motivations. You can’t be like ‘Oh, that’s something I’d like to do, and it would be pretty cool — and people would think it’s neat…’
The desire to do stuff (like free soloing, mountain climbing, bouldering) has to be like a primal urge, like ‘This is something I Can do and I Want to do it and I Will do it'”

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