Why I Love HubSpot more than a Fat Kid Loves Cake

A lot of you have been asking me why I’m so passionate (downright smitten) about HubSpot, the #2 fastest growing software company, #33 fastest growing company overall — and #1 best place to work in Boston for the second year in a row, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Allow me to enumerate:

1. The People

Not surprisingly, when asked what they love most about the company, HubSpotters say exactly that: other HubSpotters. Takeaway: you can buy iphone 4S’, iPads, even cheap content and AdWords, but not badass people.

2. The Culture

Geek heaven. No, seriously. The place reeks of brilliant, creatively-driven people, who love what they do. Again, all the money in the world cannot buy that.

Impromptu ping pong and foosball tourneys? Beer pong? Iron Chef competition and fully-stocked food and beer in the fridge everyday? Mad-Men inspired vacation policy? Happy hour with HubSpotTV, streamed live every Friday? Got that, too.

HubSpot games foosball ping pong culture matches Orange Boston Cambridge MIT

Game On yo

Photos from HubSpot’s Expanded WorkSpace slide show here

Anything’s possible when you’re surrounded by people intrinsically-driven to Get Sh*t done. That’s what software, ad hoc teams in startup land are about: Produce results and solutions, grounded in data and delivered by the most talented people in the world (among them an Olympic gold medalist, former stand-up comedian and some pretty narly chefs).

Open desk space, work stations to ensure CHI (customer happiness index) and foster collaboration. Rotating desks (like musical chairs) every once in a while, to keep things (and employees) fresh and on top of their game.

Constant challenge/opportunities to see and do what’s new and next.    

3. The Numbers are Like Shakira’s Hips: They Don’t Lie (nonchalantly swiped from the HubSpot Fact Sheet)

Even MC Hammer’s getting into it

Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Drop a comment in the comment section or contact me directly 

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