Criss Promoted to Series Regular

Yes, it’s true we’ll be seeing a lot more of Darren Criss in the third season of Glee.

And no, Chord Overstreet (aka Sam) hasn’t been demoted or fired, just shifted from a regular to recurring role. Still, gleeks seemed pretty perturbed, as evidenced by vehement Twitter protests under the hashtag #DontCutTheChord.

All of the hullabaloo seems to have been in vain, though — Chord won’t be going anywhere unless he so chooses. Equally unlikely is the notion he’d riff over Criss’ promotion — the cast members enjoy a special kind of camaraderie.

After all, it’s glee we’re talking about, not the Sopranos or Mean Girls.

Speaking of, I kinda need to brush up on other favorites: Family Guy, Arrested Development, Always Sunny, Modern Family, Mad Men. And who could forget Entourage or Steve Buscemi’s the Boardwalk Empire?

Ah, summer. So much to do, so little time…

Swimmin Hole!

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