Back to School: Content and Blogging with Mack Collier and Ann Handley

Rounding up a week of techgeek firsts, I only have one thing to say: feels good to be taking classes again  

  • First webinar and demo on Small Business Lead Generation Optimization with Adam Mavrikos, Sales Manager at HubSpot
  • Weekly Marketing Update on HubSpot live TV, hosted by Brian Whalley and Samantha Coren from Student Advisor

Via IMU’s first assignment here are 3 main takeaways from the video and intro course:

1. Blogs do not have an expiration date. Either you have the time or you don’t, and if you don’t commit for the long-term you probably shouldn’t start.

2. Passion – If you are passionate about your ability to write and create, your brand and everything in between will thrive. But you have to commit the time, resources and energy — or you’ll flounder, let the blog die and ultimately let your users, readers and followers down.

3. Navigation – Keep your blog or website neat, clean and easily navigable. Each touch point should be easy to find, and as Joe Pulizzi recently said, all points should connect. Consider how each touch point will create value and position itself as a resource for your readers.


Joe Pulizzi >> Like It or Not, Your Content Marketing is Channel Agnostic

Dan Holowack >> TwitSprout, Data and Analytics and personal blog

Tony Ramos >> Powerpoint Design, the Presentationist

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