Debut Guest Post with Alicia Hansen’s Poise in Parma

Guest post with Alicia Hansen | From Mozart to Mashable: A Journey into the World of Social Media

12 May 2011, 8:00 am

Today’s guest post is from a newbie blogger whom is also an old friend. Byron Fernandez and I knew each other way back in our Baldwin-Wallace days. We both started off as Conservatory of Music majors, but both found our passions elsewhere.

Through the wonderful world of social media, Byron and I have reconnected. I’m inspired to see his zeal for all that it encapsulates. I think this post says volumes on what we’ve both learned over the years since we first met. Thanks again Byron for this wonderful piece, exclusive to PIP!


Thanks to Alicia Hansen, Tony Ramos, Cathy McPhillips and all those in the social layer who share in our passion for blogging, creation and a lifestyle of music. With the Love, L-O-V-E :-) 

Ending video link (unsurprisingly) blocked by NBC Universal on copyright grounds.

So I’ve included it here, unblocked ;-P

All You Need is Love

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