Animal Awareness Month

I’ve always been a dog (and natural life/science in general) lover. After all, you know what they say…just spell it backwards.

One of my best friend’s wives got me into the Dog Whisperer on NatGeo during college. Cesar Millan really is the Man, so in honor of Animal Abuse/Neglect Prevention and Awareness Month, here are two of my favorite episodes that moved, inspired and captured the redemption, heart, and love Cesar has for his Pack :) And of course, his recently departed, faithful companion, Daddy >>>

ATF K9 | Gavin

Click on the pool to read on at

golden retriever hero Caesar Milan NatGeo national geographic animals dog PSD Dog Whisperer

Hero's Healing from PSD

The Case of the Tired Terrier | Mugsy

Cesar Milan NatGeo dog whisperer case of the tired terrier

Click on Mugsy to Learn More on NatGeo

pit bull Cesar Millan NatGeo dog whisperer

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