Never Enough

Other than the bull**** and upheaval going on in Egypt, there was some great ingenuity, creativity and calls-to-action this week, which I will curate in a rollout-fashion until I’ve garnered more than 72 hours of playing on this curious thing (shrouded in weird words like Akimset, Gravatar and such lol). I am still learning (Michelangelo).

In the spirit of my debut blog, Getting Lost to Find Answers, Dan Waldschmidt dishes on the art of rebellion in 6 Dirty Little Secrets to Being the Best at Just About Anything. And gets brownie points for using one of my favorite words (unapologetic).

I digress.

Indeed, it’s lonely at the top – and bottom, and Waldschmidt elaborates in kind: “Even though it takes a lot of guts sometimes to keep pushing forward in spite of being pretty darn good already, that’s still the secret formula. To be the best you have to expect more from yourself than anyone else around you.” Admittedly sounds a bit hokey (reminds me of my high school slogan: “Never settle for less than your best”), but there’s truth to his sentiment. Yes, it’s often demoralizing to be surrounded by mediocrity and terrible attitudes, outlooks on life. It’s just noise though – our job’s to move on. As Tim Ferris says: Don’t get mad, don’t get even. Keep calm and carry on. Life’s too short to trifle with the Debbie Downers and Negative Nancies of the human condition.

As I’ve observed lately, if you’re True to yourself and you Work hard and treat people with Respect, you will GROW. And I don’t know about you, but understanding Dan’s point that we have “the unenviable position of being the target to surpass for excellence and meaningful achievement” is more than enough reason for me to keep pushing, as a buddy from my hometown in New York admonished this morning (who, by the way, will soon debut his first album in NYC post Eastman/Juilliard jazz ma-tazz). Life is hard – accept it and nurture an intolerance for sniveling.

We’re in this together.

It's hard being the Best

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